Saturday, January 20, 2007

Alphabet, alphabet, alphabet meme...

Sung to the tume of "Jingle Bell Rock."

Why? I have no idea. I hate that song.

Dorian Speed, aka the Anonymous Teacher Person, has tagged me with the Alphabet Meme.

And since I'm trying to avoid my theology homework (not really), I'll respond.

[A is for age]: 42

[B is for beer of choice]: Spaten Optimater

[C is for career]: Technical communications consultant

[D is for favorite Drink]: Uh... other than beer? Ravenswood Zinfandel? Or do you mean nonalcoholic (in which case it would be Very Vanilla Silk soymilk).

[E is for Essential item you use everyday]: Computer

[F is for Favorite song at the moment]: Joy Williams, "Here with us." Makes me sob like a baby.

[G is for favorite Game]: Hmmmm. Trivial Pursuit, followed by Balderdash, followed by Taboo

[H is for Home town]: Mountain Home AFB, Idaho - population 6,749* - SA-LUTE!

[I is for Instruments you play]: Electric bass, classical guitar, folk(-ish) guitar

[J is for favorite Juice]: Grape

[K is for Kids]: One of my own, four stepchildren

[L is for last kiss]: My wife about two hours ago

[M is for marriage]: All for it

[N is for full Name]: What, Theocoid isn't good enough for you?

[O is for Overnight hosp stays]: Appendicitis when I was 15

[P is for phobias]: Heights

[Q is for quote]: It's at the top of my blog!

"You stir man to take pleasure in praising you, because you have made us for yourself, and our heart is restless until it rests in you."

Confessions, St. Augustine

[R is for biggest Regret]: A toughee as there are a few. And a bit personal. Sorry.

[S is for sports]: Karate, kung fu, running

[T is for Time you wake up]: 6:30 AM, usually

[U is for color underwear]: Always

[V is for Vegetable you love]: Okra, fried

[W is for Worst Habit]: Computer gaming

[X is for X-rays you've had]: right leg, spine teeth

[Y is for Yummy food you make]: Marinara, lasagna, hummus d'tahini, crab cakes with buerre blanc (had that last night)

[Z is for zodiac sign]: Sagittarius

*No longer accurate but necessary fr the corny "Hee Haw" tribute.

Gotta run. Tagging everyone who wants to be tagged.
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