Monday, December 04, 2006

One small step for Sparky, one giant step for clown priests.

Okay, that is deliberately provocative. I did not witness, today or ever, a clown mass. However, I did sing at a local Advent concert featuring several of the Catholic choirs in our area. For the most part, it was very pleasant. However, there were liturgical dancers from one of the local parishes (not mine). A number of the churches seem to be putting together liturgical dance troupes. While I object to dancing during the liturgy, I couldn't really object to dance as part of a concert.

One of the dancers, Sparkle, was actually quite good, and she performed with a soloist singing "Breathe of Heaven." Nonetheless, the dancers for the most part were a bit distracting. Both my wife and daughter found it uncomfortable to have these women moving around in the aisles while the choirs performed. My daughter summed it up nicely: Boo, creepy liturgical dancers! (I have to acknowledge that my wife put her up to it.)

I later mentioned that it's a short step from Sparkle the Liturgical Dancer to Sparky the Clown Priest. We will have to keep our eyes peeled for overlarge shoes poking out from under our priests' cassocks.

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