Saturday, December 09, 2006

Become an organ donor! Give your heart to Jesus!

That was Jesse Romero's message to us today.

St. John's had a conference this week on family life and faith, and we were blessed to have Jesse Romero, Rosalind Moss, and Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers as the conference speakers. They were all fantastic, and they brought something that we hear all too infrequently in our diocese: orthodox Catholic teaching. I'm not saying thatall of our priests are heterodox. We have some who are excellent, but there are a few who softsell the faith, who hesistate to preach the hard teachings, and admittedly some who are simply operating under their own personal magisterium.

Deacon Harold was particularly vocal about novelties in the liturgy, and he made one thing very clear: when priests mess withthe words in the liturgy, they are messing with scripture!


He mentioned a discussion he had with a Calvinist friend who claimed that the Mass wasn't scriptural. So the deacon proceeded to show him every location in scripture from which the prayers, responses, and acclamations are taken.

There were two somewhat embarrassing points in one of the deacon's talks and when Rosalind Moss spoke. At some point in their talks, they turned to point to the crucifix, only to find that there was no crucifix in sight. It was just what the rest of us needed to finally put our collective foot down. Back in the late 80s there was a remodel, and the traditional crucifix was replaced with the newer, sleeker resurrects-ifix. (Credit my friend Mark with that name.) Somewhere along the line, that was removed, but an appropriate crucifix was never replaced. Lately, even the processional crucifix has been replaced by a resurrects-ifix. Apparently the debate has gone on for about four years, but I think the tide has turned.

It was a happy day to be a faithful, conservative Catholic in Boise today.
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