Monday, November 27, 2006

Thou shalt see your pomegranates wither, O thou love-crazed Gittite!

Nothing substantive to post today, so instead I'll tell you about our weekend.

We had Thanksgiving dinner with my parents on Thursday. My dear wife, however, always has to have a to-do as well, so we had another meal on Saturday and invited over another branch of the family.

And sometime Friday night, our refrigerator passed on to that appliance junkyard in the sky.

We were able to fix our family dinner, but all leftovers went out the door with the kids, brothers, and parents, along with some stocks of cut corn and applesauce that my wife was hoping would last us through winter.

Today our new refrigerator arrived, and all is nearly back to normal.

But that's not what I wanted to post about! No, actually the Ironic Catholic has posted a link to the Ship of Fools' Biblical Curse Generator.

Maybe even more potential than the Shakespearean Insult Generator!
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