Friday, November 03, 2006

Fun with the Renaissance Chancel Choir

I belong (part time) to a men and boys chancel choir at my church, and we sing Vespers or Compline (depending on the time of year) every other week on Wednesdays. I typically read prayers and readings, but I sing bass with the group when we sing at Mass or for special occasions. Tonight was one such special occasion.

I walked in not having heard what we were to sing. For the combined choir, it was Psalm 122. The boys also sang a relatively modern arrangement of Pie Jesu.
About half way through the rehearsal it dawned on me that I'd heard a very different rendition with the same lyrics. Most of the text is just repetition of the words

Pie Jesu Domine, done eis requiem.

Sound familiar? Imagine, if you will, a sharp, percussive sound at each caesura. Any guesses?

Think flagellants.

Think coconuts, Brave Sir Robin, Holy Handgrenades, and killer rabbits.

That put everyone in a great mood for the concert this evening (not withstanding the contemporary praise music).

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