Tuesday, August 29, 2006

NO and Hurricane Katrina: a Year Later

I'm not one to comment on the MSM or political matters much. There are far better blogs for that information. However, I heard an interesting comment today by a local weather person who also happened to be in emergency planning for many years. He went down to Louisiana last year to help with hurricane-recovery efforts. He mentioned that national emergency plans available to the public well before this disaster indicated clearly that FEMA will respond in 72 hours and that local and state goverments, as well as individuals, are essentially on their own during this time.

Hmmmm. You mean FEMA Isn't supposed to respond beforehand or in the immediate aftermath?

Nope. That's the job of the people closest to the problem.

Siggy has more information here, and the Anchoress has a round up here.

UPDATE: Ooops! Missed the first link on the Anchoress's post: Whizbang!
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