Saturday, June 10, 2006

Essay? What essay?

Okay, yes, I'm avoiding my essay. I think I'm about two thirds done. Hard to tell with me. I'm a bit long winded/long of tooth/short on concision when I start writing academic stuff (as my committee discovered by page 115 of my master's thesis). Anyway, it's coming. Sometimes I have to stew to produce on topics that other people choose for me.

Fortunately, Mike Aquilina's newish blog is a perfect excuse for me to run off and find other things to do to avoid my own work. I've already mentioned it once in the last week, and I suspect I'll be pointing people his way frequently as he deals with a subject with which I'm becoming more enamored: patristics. I'm currently hamstrung by my complete ignorance of classical languages, but I hope to remedy that in the next few years.

I won't have a choice since it's a requirement for the program I'm currently in.

He has two excellent posts today. One concerns the revisionist histories of Jesus that everyone seems to be lapping up these days. The other is about a very cool new discovery in the Basque country. It's cool for two reasons. First, it shows that Christianity was apparently flourishing in this region (the Pyrenees) in the third century (that is 200-299 AD). Second, it's in Basque. The latter fact is important because these inscriptions are 800 years older than the earliest extant Basque language documents before this discovery. It's also very cool if you're into historical linguistics because it proves that Basque (an isolate language) had a written form as early as the third century. I don't know enough about the language, but I imagine this would have Basque linguists wetting their collective pants.

Okay, now that I've tainted this post...

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