Saturday, May 06, 2006

Round Two of Theology Studies

I just received notification that my next theology course is available online. This semester, I'm taking "Two Critical Moments in Catholic History." So far, so good. I read the lectures yesterday (and will reread them during the course of the semester). I find Rev. O'Connell's writing style quite engaging, and I'm looking forward to starting the DVD lectures. (And since I discovered that today's king fu class has been pre-empted, it looks like I'll get to start right away). I'm having a little difficulty getting volume 2 of Daniel-Rops' The Church of Apostles and Martyrs. The first bookseller advertised both volumes but sent only one. We'll see if he comes through on volume 2. Not wanting to leave it up to chance, I ordered the set from another bookseller in Australia. The only other copy I could track down via Abe Books or Amazon was going for $102.75 USD. I don't mind paying for rare books or first editions, but I suspect this offer is just plain gouging. Anyway, I may just end up with two sets.

To all of my classmates and to my online instructor, welcome. I hope the less relevant postings won't be too distracting. Please leave comments!
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