Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thoughts from Benedict XVI

Still reading the Holy Father's book, Truth and Tolerance. I'm still taking my reading easy for the time being. That will come to an end at the end of the month. I'll be starting my next course at Holy Apostles then, and it'll be back to the grind (not that I mind).

Anyway, Pope Benedict discusses the separation of faith and reason and the resulting chaos that has ensued both in the realm of religious thought and science. Okay, chaos is my word. However, he does reiterate something that I encountered in so much of my reading last semester—that reason has largely confined itself by cutting its ties to metaphysics, and that science with no recourse to metaphysics or religious thought along with religious thought with no recourse to reason results in patholigical forms of both:

"[S]cience becomes patholigical and a threat to life when it takes leave of the moral order of human life, becomes autonomous, and no longer recognizes any standard but its own capabilities."

He mentions some conversations that Werner Heisenberg had with two other physicists concerning the division of science and religion and the horrows that could result. This was in 1927. If only Heisenberg could have recognized his own complicity in that horror.
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