Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Great Enema

Mark Shea is comparing complaints of sexual abuse for a single year in US public schools versus the number of complaints against priests or Catholic Church ministers in 53 years.

Consider, in a *single year* 1998, the Dept of Justice listed 103,600 cases of sexual abuse in public schools. From 1950 to 2003, there were 10,667 reported cases of clergy sexual abuse. That's 10 times as much in one year as there were in 53 years in the Church. Yet nobody is passing laws singling out teachers for special exemption from ordinary laws. Only Catholics.

This isn't the only blog on which I've seen such figures. In fact, the John Jay study pretty much confirms that the problem is far worse in other institutions. The recent spate of female teachers being charged for molestation should be an eye opener for anyone.

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver also takes on the issue of changing the statute of limitations so more people can jump on the band wagon. I truly hope that there's a red hat in Absp. Chaput's future.
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