Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Response from the Bishop

Yikes! It's been weeks since I've posted. The family is in our new home, along with the stepdaughters' menagerie (two dogs, two cats, three fire-belly toads, one tree frog, and a paralyzed beta, as well as one visiting rubber boa). The new house needs some work, but it's nice to be a homeowner again.

I mentioned a story that was floating around St. Blogs a few weeks ago about a local priest who wrote a reader's editorial in the local paper favoring gay marriage. As I mentioned I would, I wrote a letter to the bishop noting my concerns about this event and a number of other problems in the local parishes.

I finally got a response today. One of my requests for ways to address the problem of liturgical abuse was to grant "the indult" to a local parish. (I provided a number of suggestions, as it doesn't do well to gripe and not offer any solutions.)
He recommended that I try St. George's Parish in Post Falls if I'd like to attend a Latin Mass.

Let's see... Post Falls. Here are the driving instructions.

A mere 750 miles away. We'll pack up the kids at 2:00 AM and head out. No need to worry about breaking our fast if we don't stop.

Or maybe he's trying to tell me something?
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