Thursday, January 05, 2006

What's with the blog name?

Nobody has asked, but why should that stop me from indulging in my natural inclination to overexplain myself?

I orginally called this blog "Musings of a Theocoid." First, I should explain that I have had numerous nicknames bestowed upon me that some how involve the syllable "coid" (for example, coidman, Billicoid, coidilicles). I could go into the history, but it's complex. So when it came time to come up with a blogging identity, that factor sort of fell into place. I know that some folks don't like anonymous people on blogs, websites, or email lists, but I have my reasons, and I'm perfectly willing to be open with people who really want to know me outside of my blogging persona.

So, back to the name... er... or the name change.

It appears that everyone muses. And has musings. And thinks it's somehow interesting to label his or her musings as such. And so after a few weeks of treading the blogosphere, I thought my blog name to be deficient. Okay, not just deficient, but lame... as in limping.

I don't know if the current name is any better, but it does reflect a bit of my sense of humor, and it comes right out of my professional world. I've worked as a technical communicator for the last 12 years, and one of the most ironic statements I've ever had to put into a document is the name I've used for this blog: This space intentionally left blank. In the tech comm world, this clause is used to indicate that a document is not actually missing data but actually has an intentionally palced blank page (usually on the left side of the book on the back of the final page of a chapter). So the obvious problem is that once you have put someting on a page, it's no longer blank.

Hence this blog. It's a space that could be left blank, and maybe it SHOULD be blank. However, occasionally I post something, and it's no longer blank.

I think you should blame this entire post on my postmodernist literary education. I promise I'll try not to be such a sophist in the future.
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