Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The new Papal Encyclical is here! The new Papal Encyclical is here!

Pope Benedict XVI's first encyclical is finally here. You can read the text of Deus Caritas Est from the Vatican's web site.

One of the things I noted about our late Holy father John Paul II's encyclicals is that the style seems to me a bit verbose, circular (not logically, but thematically and structurally), and parenthetical. That's not to say that his words weren't profound—merely that the style wasn't as direct as I would've preferred. My experience as a technical writer no doubt colors my preferences here.

Anyway, I've noticed that Pope Benedict seems to have a much more direct style. The first three paragraphs of the encyclical seem to reflect this characteristic as well. I can't wait to dive in (and will have to have to restrain myself to keep my mind on my work today).

UPDATE: Gerald Augustinus does a bit of an explication of the letter on his blog, The Cafeteria Is Closed.
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