Friday, December 02, 2005

Paglia and Madonna

No, not the Madonna, but Madonna.

Just read this little tidbit on Relapsed Catholic's site.

So this counts as one of those pet peeves of mine that the folks at Seize the Dei got to yammerin' about the other day.

- I can't stand when people who have some kind of academic pedigree (or is that pedicure?) raise tripe to the level of art.

- I can't stand to listen to people go on and on about the blues (or jazz) are when they know nothing about music. It seems like just the predilection toward these musical genres seems to score coolness points in some circles, even though many of these aficionados couldn't tell the difference between blues guitar and autoharp.

- I can't stand to read people who do nothing but drop names and allude to works that they're pretty sure none of us have ever read or heard or viewed. (Hmmmm, would that include Ms. Paglia?) Oddly, these seem to be the same people talking about how we should be more inclusive. Oh yeah, that's why deconstruction theory is so fashionable. It allows one to pose as one of the unwashed when one really has a pathological fear of the household dust.

Guess I just couldn't avoid a good rant tonight.

Now back to your regularly scheduled pablum.
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