Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Methuselah Project?

About a year ago, I started talking with a former bandmate of mine from back in the big-hair days. Back then, the two of us used to butt heads frequently. Both of us have... uh... strong personalities. (I probably don't exhibit it as much as I do in person, but, yeah, I can be a bit full o' me self.) My problem was that I thought I was somehow more musically edumicated and that he was musically unwashed. He's now a music minister at a Baptist church and has probably been more connected with music than I have since we parted ways 15 years ago.

A few months ago, we started talking about what we wanted to do musically, and we had such similar mindsets. I can only think of it as an example of God's grace that two numbskulls could come back from such extremes and decide that their calling was to play together again. Anyhoo, that's precisely what happened. I called him and said, "I've been holding out, but I thing God wants us to start a band."

Okay, that was clearly personal revelation, so I'm hoping no one will expect anything miraculous out of this project.

We've been stuck on finding a percussionist and a lead guitar, so I finally called two guys with whom I played in two different bands. Both are interested, so it looks like we might actually have a band.

We're hoping to play for youth groups, and perhaps for fund raisers. And absolujte no for TeenLife Mass. I love to rock out, but that does not belong in Mass. Give me an organ and polyphony anyday. And chant is always welcome.
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