Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Where have I been?

Yes, I've been lame. Working more than I'd like. Struggling to keep up with my coursework, but enjoying what I'm able to do.

So, what have I been missing?

Kathy Shaidle notes that Reformed Congregationalists have apparently risen up against their overlords in France and Denmark now. Oh, I'm sorry, they're not Reformed Congregationalists. My mistake.

Anne Rice has published a novel on Christ as a child. I'm happy for her conversion, and I look forward to reading her novel. I think Amy Wellborn was right to assess it on what she considered to be its literary merits rather than whether her fictional account used noncanonical sources.

I've been following the story about Katelyn Sills. If the expulsion was as groundless as it appears, I hope there will be an appropriate response from the archbishop. I'm tired of the institutions of the Catholic Church being co-opted for the agenda of feminists, pagans, and the pro-death camp.

Yes, I'm happy that Alito was nominated for the SCOTUS, notwitsthanding my concerns about Scotus... but that would be Duns Scotus. And I'm not really a Bush fan either.

I doubt I'll be generating as much traffic as these other sites. After all, I'm still an "Insignificant Microbe in the TTLB Ecosystem." However, I do want anyone who visits to know that I have no control over the code that concatenates the TTLB ranking. Apparently, it doesn't understand English morphology.
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