Monday, November 07, 2005

NAB = American Intellectual Decline?

As a former 1980s-glam-rock nightclub musician, I'm always ready to exploit an audience when I can. (Sorry if I conjured up any bad images. You can't gouge out your mind's eye.)

Just had a thought here after struggling with some rather flat passages from the NAB (still waiting for my Ignatius Bible to arrive). So why have we been saddled with this rather colorless interpretation as the standard for our liturgy? Is it because it's the clearest, most culturally objective presentation of scripture as Catholic theologians and translators understand it? Or is it because our American Bishops have accepted the judgement of the rest of the modern world that Americans are shallow, intellectually inferior, and unable to appreciate the subtleties of a more poetic or more linguistically faithful interpretation?* If it's the latter, are they correct?

Discuss amongst yourselves.

*Yes, I'm fully aware that I'm setting up a false dichotomy. Please see my initial comment.
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