Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ebbs and floes of the TTLB Macrocosm

Doh! Looks like I've been demoted. I've gone from being a flappy bird to a miniscule microorganism in the space of a day or two. I understand some work is being done on the ranking algorithmns. Done in by math once again.

Of course, I haven't been blogging as much since I submitted my last paper. I could be writing about "The Document,"™ but frankly it's being hashed over by far better writers than I.

I'm sort of resting before the last push of the semester—hoping to give birth to a bouncing baby A on my final exam. However, I do have a few thoughts about which I'll be blogging shortly.

- New music project: recruited a drummer and guitar player for a new Christian rock project.

- Adults today and yesterday: saw something in the store today that incensed me and realized why I don't understand boomer adults. Or those of us who follow for that matter.

More later!
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