Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Blogger's Word of the Day for Sept. 27, 2005

bletcherous (from the New Hacker's Dictonary):

Disgusting in design or function; esthetically unappealing. This word is seldom used of people. "This keyboard is bletcherous!" (Perhaps the keys don't work very well, or are misplaced.) See losing, cretinous, bagbiting, bogus, and random. The term bletcherous applies to the esthetics of the thing so described; similarly for cretinous. By contrast, something that is `losing' or `bagbiting' may be failing to meet objective criteria. See also bogus and random, which have richer and wider shades of meaning than any of the above.

I'm heading off to Seattle for 3 days of wining and dining by Microsoft. Okay, actually, it's more like a chance for me to satiate my inner geek. I get to see the latest with Windows Vista, chat with the product team for my area, and essentially do my best to coerce them into seeing my way about XML-related things.

I'll try to keep on with these entries while I'm away (not that anyone has noticed them).
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